#fortune, also called sharpFortune,
comes from an old unix game, fortune, a game that shows you a different quote each time you execute it. #fortune is a new version of this game developed in c# with .net framework 2.0 to bring the old fortune game to the sad windows desktop using a nice and simple gui.

The program sits quiet in your windows tray and a quote will jump out when you click its icon. Old fortune files have been converted in xml, and it is possible to chose the categories from wich the quotes are randomly picked.

With the latest version you can use a gradient of your choice as a background other than the default tiled image, the fade in and fade out speed is adjustable and quotes randomization has been improved.

#fortune is not yet completed, many features will be available release after release.
Download and try it!
To use it you should download and install .net framework 2.0. Source files are available too.

negri.mario at gmail.com
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